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Office Cleaning
General dusting, furniture, frames, lamps, desks, tables, chairs, baseboards. Remove Cobwebs. Sterilize (upon request). Vacuum all rugs, under furniture, corners, general vacuum. Empty trash and replace liner.
General dusting, breakfast table, chairs, appliances. Clean top of counters, refrigirator exterior, sink/faucets, microwave inside and outside, top of stove, outside of range, dishwasher outside, cabinets exteriors. Remove items and replace them. Put everything in order. Remove trash and replace liner. Vacuum and mop floor.
General dusting, baseboards, doors. Scrub and sanitize showers, vanity, sinks, bathtubs. Clean, tile walls, shower doors, mirrors and chrome. Disinfect toilet inside and outside including base and behind. Remove soap scum and mildew. Leave everything free of water or liquid cleaners. Neatly place towels. Mop floors, edging. Empty trash and replace liner. Sterilize (upon request) Vacuum and mop floors.
General Dusting
Dust halls, chair rails, frames, mirrors, doors, glass doors, walls, glass tables, baseboards, mini blinds. Remove cobwebs. Vacuum behind and under furniture, rugs and cushions. Empty trash and replace liner.
Make and straighten beds, Change bed sheets (upon request). Organize everything. Dust all furniture, frames, baseboards. Remove cobwebs Vacuum all rugs, vacuum under all furniture. Empty trash and replace liner.

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In all the rooms:

We neatly organize and clean the room. When you come in to you will not only see it clean, you will feel it clean.

In the kitchen:

We will wipe all counter tops. We make sure all the stains and bread crumbs are completely gone. Everything is left sparkling and shiny.

In your bathrooms:

Your bathrooms will be sparkling clean and fresh scent. You won't even believe the difference.